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We offer the most reliable choice for all kinds of Mine Hoists, Used Hoists, Mine Winches, Used Wich for Mining, Ball Mills, Rod Mills, Pebble Mills, SAG Mills, Mine Hoists, Crushers, Synchronous Motors, DC Motors, Flotation, Mixers, Pumps, Diesel Generators, Natural Gas Generators and all the Mining Equipment you require.






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2 Single H065

15'' Across Drum, 5'' Flange deep, Lake Shore Cargo Winch, Static Test Load 14,800 lb, Dynamic Test Load 11,000 lbs, Working Load 7,400 lbs.

28'' x 32'' Hoist
1 Single H120

26'' Across Drum Joy Mine Hoist

28'' x 32'' Hoist
1 Single H040

28'' x 32'' Hoist, Ledgerwood Mundy Hoist, Line pull at 10,000, 250hp, Rope size inches 0.875, Mechanical: Lilly simplex controller, Designed Depth: 1800, # of Drums 1, Drum face Width 28, Drum dia inches 32, Date 1-1-1982, Speed Ft / Min 600, Bearings: Roller, Drum Brakes: One band brake on the drum and one DC pinion, Drum Description: Lebus Grooved, Power Type: DC with MG set Mounted on skids, Voltage AC: 480volts, Motors: 1-250hp hp DC Four Quadrant GE 600v, MG Set: One Gen 600v one Induction Motor 480v, Electrcial Controls: DC with MG set manual skid mounted, Rope Type: 6-37 IWRC, Clutches: none, Pinion Gear: same, Bull Gear: Straight Teeth, Hoist was never used has a drum band brake and a electric caliper brake on the pinion, is equipped with a lilly simplex control, both the hoist and the generator are skid mounted, complete depth indicator, lilly safety control, deadman, switchgear, DC Pinion brake and manual operated band drum brake.

28'' x 32'' Hoist
1 Single H070

4ft dia Hoist x 30'' across drum, 6'' Flange deep, Clyde Iron Works Hoist.

28'' x 32'' Hoist
1 Koepe H060

4.33 ft Hoist, Nordberg 52'' drum dia Hoist, 75hp DC Motor 850rpm, Type: Koepe, Three rope 5/8'' dia, Brakes: twin caliper brakes acting on drum, one on either side of rope casset, brakes with weights and air operated cylinders, Gear box: Mfg Faulk, Ratio 17.43/1, Model 2100/2-A Direct coupled to drum shaft, Speed: 666 FPM, Drum Fabricated 52'' dia 9.5'' across rope cassette, Rim Pull at 75hp: 3700 lbs Live load in counter 5000 lbs could be converted to single drum but would be limited to 500' at three layers of rope, Bearings: Spherical Roller Bearings, Controls: Drum Elevator type controller and lilly Model D, Hoist has never been installed, Bearings and components were in a warehouse and are in excellent condition, Has the MG set but is missing the electrical panel for controlling field current and loop breaker relay.

4.33 ft Hoist
2 Single H015

5ft Hoist, Coeur D' Alene Hoist, 5ft, drum width 48'', 200hp AC Motor, 575 rpm, 440v, two parallel post drum caliper type located on either side of drum with counterweights, speed: 379 FPM, smooth face, 1 1/4 rope, 3 stage gear, only one hoist has the counterweight.

5ft Hoist
1 Single H020

5ft Hoist, Ottumwa Hoist, 5ft, 48'' wide drum,1'' rope, lebus grooved, skid mount, 200 hp MG Set, drum capacity 3,200', 560fpm, lower 12,000 linepull, complete depth indicator, lilly "simplex" safety control, operator console pneumatic operating drum caliper post types brakes. SOLD

1 Double H085

6ft Hoist Canadian Ingersoll Rand, 72'' dia x 60'' Double Drum Hoist, Service type: sinking and production, Estimated depth 1530ft (1 1/8'' Cable) or 1950ft ( 1'' cable), Inertia (hoist + sheave): 400,000 lb-ft2, Type of Controller: Lilly Duplex Model C 4476 4477, Maximun Load Permitted 16,000lbs, Rotation Speed 54.65 rpm, Pitch 1.21'', Motors: GE, 300hp, 2200v, 490rpm, Inertia per Motor*g: 1 300(lb ft2), Number of gear tooth (main gear) 332, Number of pinion tooth 30, Gearing Ratio 11.07

5ft Hoist
1 Single H030

6ft Hoist x 48'' across face, single drum hoist, skid mounted, parallel post brake, pneumatic operated pinion brake, 200hp Induction GE Motor, 580 rpm, 440v, 258amps.

6ft Hoist
1 Double H115

6ft CIR Hoist, double drum hoist, 72'' dia x 60 width'', Sinking and Production Service Type, Estimated depth using 1 1/8'' Cable is 1530ft or 1950ft using 1'' Cable, Inertia (Hoist+Sheave) 400 000 lb-ft2, Lilly Duplex Model C-4476-4477 Lilly Controller, 16,000 lbs line pull, 54.65 rpm, Pitch 1.21 inche, Helical Coil Type Drum, Main Gear 332 Teeth, Pinion 30 Teeth, Gearing Ratio 11.07, 300hp GE Motor, 490 rpm, 2200 volts, Inertia per Motor*g 1 300 lb-ft2

6ft Hoist
1 Single H025

6.66 ft Hoist, Pikrose Hoist, 80'' drum dia, 60'' face, currently has a continuos haulage sheave bolted to the face of the drum, can be easily removed, looks to be a split drum, skid mounted and skid is extended to include the gear box and auxiliaries, Brakes: drum caliper type hydraulic release, spring applied, one set of calipers on either side of drum, Speed: 948 FPM.

6.66 ft Hoist
1 Double H075

8ft Hoist, Nordberg 96'' x 66'' Double Drum Hoist, Rope Pull 21,000lbs, Speed 1,500 FPM, Depth 3,225 ft, Cable 1 1/8'', Motor: 2 - 250hp, Volts 2,300/3/60

1 Double H080

8ft Hoist, Nordberg 96'' x 54'' Double Drum Hoist, Rope Pull 21,000lbs, Speed 1,500 FPM, Depth 2,175 ft, Cable 1 1/8'', Motor: 2 - 300hp, Volts 2,300/3/60

1 Single H055

8ft Hoist, Ottumwa 8ft Single Drum Hoist, Line Pull at 24,000, 1,000hp Motor, Rope Size 1.38'', Designed Depth 7,500, # of Drums 1, Drum Face Width 83'', Drum Dia 96'', Date 1-1-1972, Speed 1,300 Ft / Min, Bearings: Babbit, Drum Brakes: Parallel Post Brakes Two Pinions Hydraulic Low P, Drum Description: Lebus Grooved Shelled, Power Type AC, Voltage AC 2300, Motors: 2-500hp AC 2300v Wound Rotor 750v Rotor 514 rpm, MG Sets: none, Electrical Controls: AC Wound Rotor W DC Dynamic Braking, Clutches: none, Pinion Gear 23 tooth, Bull Gear Herringbone 250 @ 18'', This Hoist is in excellent condition, is still installed in a good climate, well maintained, pinions good for 2500 Ft Lbs.

8ft Hoist
1 Single H035

9ft Hoist x 5ft Canadian Ingersoll Rand Over and Under Wind Hoist, Type: two drums on a shaft one against another (single drum) one drum for the counter weight and the other for the skip or cage.

9ft Hoist
1 Single H050

9ft 6'' dia Hoist x 6ft wide Hepburn Single Drum Hoist, Date 1987, The drums are 4'' thick and spool 5,000 meters of rope on 13 raps, 1200hp DC Motor or 1,000hp AC Drive, Hansen Gear Box 2 Speed Multi Stage c/w Helical gears, Speed Ratios: 17.371:1 and 28.308:1, Hoist Drum 9' 6'' dia x 6' face, Flange Depth 15.75 inches, Grooving: Anti Synchronous, Capacity of 1.25'' dia rope, Drum Bearings 1-SKF 23068k Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing 1-SKF 23068 Split Cylinder Roller, Rope Speed 1300/800 ft/min 6.6/4.06 m/sec, Drum Speeds 41.45 rpm max 25.44 low speed, Brake System 4-Twiflex VS175 Hydraulically released spring applied, disc type safe style brakes on two brake paths c/w hydraulic power pack, valves, piping and standby pump and motor, Depth Indicator Safety Controller: Lilly Controller Model "C" long range, Maximum Rope Pull 34,000 lbs at the drum. SOLD.

1 Single H095

10ft Hoist, Nordberg Single Drum Hoist, 500hp Motor, 120'' diameter, 50'' Face, 6 1/2'' Flange Depth, Rope Cassete Grooving Spiral Groove, Brake system: Caliper Drum Type Pararell Brakes,Medium Pressure Hydraulics Composite wearpads, counterweight to set, hydraulics torelease, Deum Speed 23.38 RPM, Cable 1 3/8 Brand new Spare Rope with certs, Speed with existing motor 734 ft/min or 1,000ft/min with 800hp Dc motor and new drive, Rim Pull: 22,500lbs, Date 1970, depth of use at Prev Project: 1,800ft

9ft 6'' dia Hoist
1 Double H010

10ft Hoist, GHH Hoist, 10' Diameter, Double Drum, 1200 hp Motor, with all electrical controls, drives, sheaves, spare ropes, house building and Headframe.

10ft Hoist
1 Single H110

12ft Hoist, ASEA Single Drum Hoist, 12ft x 6.5ft Mine Hoist, Type HTDE-144 INCH, Serial # 329, ASEA 2,100 / 4,080 kW, 1000 VDC Drive Hoist Motor, 65,000lbs Line Pull, variable speed up to 2,000 fpm, Direct Drive, 3,000 Foot Depth, 1.75'' rope diameter, 66,000 lbs maximum static rope stress, Disk Brakes with four brake stands one disc on each side of drum Hagglund 408 calipers 3 per stand, Includes all related electrical and mechanical equipment, includes a ASEA Motor LH 2207, No 64991438, DC Motor 2,100 Cont., 4,080 kW momentary, 53 rpm rated, 47 rpm momentary, YOM 1974, includes GE Transformer, Dry type, No 281710, En. 57399, 750 KVA 80C.AN, 3 phase, 60 cycles, 4160-600Y/346 volts, Low Voltage 600Y 346 volts, 722 amps, 5.6 % @ 75oC Impedance.

12ft Single Drum Mine Hoist
1 Double H045

12ft Hoist, Nordberg Double Cylindrical Drum Hoist, size: 12' - 3-3/16'' dia x 8' face, 8-1/2'' - 9-1/2 flange depth with lebus groove, all fabricated steel construction, total load capacity 73,003 lbs, Max Rope Speed 3280 fpm, Grooving 1 - 7/8'' lebus grooved, Drum center line to center line 10'-05'', one drum clutched, multiple tooth type with 4 arm clutch spider hydraulically operated, Brakes: 14' dia parallel double post, hydraulic actuated, Geraing: Herringbone single reduction 204t main, 29t pinion, 25'' face, 2DP, Shafts: Main Shaft 30'' dia, 3- bearings, SKF antifriction on both main and pinion, Two pinion, Roller Bearing, Safety Control: two lilly "C" controllers, with two 1500hp DC Motors and drives, requires lubrication system, also available 1new shaft billet, rough turned, 1 new 204 tooth 25'' face gear (2-halves), 1 used spare pinion. SOLD.

1 Double H090

12ft Hoist, Bertram-Nordberg Double Drum Hoist, size: 12', two fabricated steel drums, 144'' diameter x 106'' face, both spirally grooved for 63 turns of 1 5/8'' diameter rope, compete with 3 cast iron, wedged supporting rings, two brake drums, cast iron, 144'' diameter x 20'' face, four cast steel drum spiders and hubs, both bushed and complete witch clutch rings, two axial motion clutches, driving from hexagonal section of drum shaft, oil separated engines, two 600hp Wound Rotor Induction Motor, 365rpm, 2200v, 3phase.

1 Double H100

14ft Hoist, Nordberg Double Drum Hoist

1 Double H125

15ft Hoist, Double Drum GHH Mine Hoist, 110,000lbs line pull, 2,000 ft per min, 5,000ft depth, Single Clutch Double Drum, 5,000hp

15ft Double Drum GHH Mine Hoist
1 Double H105

15ft Hoist, Double Drum Hoist, 65,000lbs Line Pull, 2,000hp with New Siemens Drive





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