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5000hp DC 40rpm 700volts Motor 5,000hp DC GE Motor 40 rpm 700volts

5,000hp Motor, GE, DC Motor, 40 / 80 RPM, 700 Volts, Type MCF, Exc Volts 550, Exc Amps 265, Amp Arm 5830, Wound Shunt. Location: Hamburg, PA, USA

12ft Single Drum Hoist 12ft Single Drum Mine Hoist

12ft Single Drum Mine Hoist, 65,000 line pull, Variable speed up to 2,000 ft/min, direct drive, 2,800hp, Depth 3,000 ft, 1.75'' wire rope, double disc brakes on drum with triple caliper spring applied hydraulic released brakes. Location: Florence, Arizona, USA

12.5ft x 15ft Allis Chalmers Ball Mill 12.5ft x 15 Allis Chalmer Ball Mill for sale

12.5ft x 15ft Allis Chalmers Ball Mill, complete with 1500hp Synchronous Motor, 277rpm, 4160 volts, Mill rpm 16.8, Ball Mill Location: New Brunswick, CANADA

3,500 TPD Complete Plant3,500 TPD Complete Plant

• 22ft Dia x 7ft long Hardinge Cascade Autogenous Mill with a 1,500hp Synchronous Motor • 12.5ft Dia x 20ft long Hardinge Ball Mill with a 1,000hp Synchronous Motor • 48'' x 48'' Pioneer C-1119 JAW Crusher with a 250hp Induction Motor • 4 1/2ft Nordberg Cone Crusher, Model 1352 with a 200hp Induction Motor • Wemco and Denver 100cuft Flotation Mechanisms, Drawings available. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

12ft x 14ft Marcy Ball Mill12ft x 14ft Ball Mill

12ft Dia x 14ft long Marcy Ball Mill with a 1,750hp Synchronous Motor, 200rpm, 2,300 volts, 3 Shells with steel liners and many discharge and intake heads to choose from, Drawings available. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

11ft x 12.5ft Marcy Ball Mill11 x 12.5 Marcy Ball Mill

11ft Dia x 12.5ft long Marcy Ball Mill, spare pinion, hydraulic power pack, bearing housings, gear covers with clutch and 800hp Westinghouse Synchronous Motor, 257rpm, 4,000volts. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

10ft Double Drum Hoist10FT DOUBLE DRUM HOIST 

GHH (Siemag / Nordberg) 10ft Double Drum Mine Hoist, 1,200hp, Hoist designed depth 2,500ft, Hoist Line Pull 25,000 unbalanced load, 42,000lbs Static Load,, Gear Drive single input reduction Hansen Gear Box 2,700hp rated S.F. of 1.0, Rope Tread Diameter 122'', Rope Da 1.50'', Hoist Speed 1,300 FPM, Drawings available. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

10ft Nordberg Single Drum Hoist 10ft Nordberg Single Drum Hoist

10ft Hoist, Nordberg Single Drum Hoist, 500hp Motor, 120'' diameter, 50'' Face, 6 1/2'' Flange Depth, Rope Cassete Grooving Spiral Groove, Brake system: Caliper Drum Type Pararell Brakes,Medium Pressure Hydraulics Composite wearpads, counterweight to set, hydraulics torelease, Deum Speed 23.38 RPM, Cable 1 3/8 Brand new Spare Rope with certs, Speed with existing motor 734 ft/min or 1,000ft/min with 800hp Dc motor and new drive, Rim Pull: 22,500lbs, Date 1970, depth of use at Prev Project: 1,800ft. Location: Miami, Arizona, USA

Coeur D' Alene Single Drum Hoist5FT SINGLE DRUM HOIST 

Coeur D' Alene 60'' Dia Mine Hoist, Drum width 48'', Motor 200hp or 400hp Wound Rotor 714rpm, Solid Stud Flex Coupling, Hoist Speed 374 FPM, Cable 1.5'' Dia, Mine Hoist Line Pull 19,000 lbs with 200hp and 35,000lbs with 400hp, Depth 1,200 ft. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

(5) 4.3 MW Enterprise Generators (5) 4.3 MW Dual Fuel Generators

21.5 MW Diesel and or Natural Gas complete Power Plant with five 4.3 MW Generators, 6,004 hp at 360rpm Enterprise Engines with a 3,745KW Ideal Electric Generator, 4,687.5 KVA, 4,160 volts, 250 Field Volts. Location: Questa New Mexico, USA

(2) 2.5 MW Ruston NG Generators2.5 MW Generators

V16 Ruston Engines directly coupled to 2,500 KW Baylor AC Generator (Natural Gas Only), 3,125 KVA, 4,160 volts, 900 rpm, Exciter Field Volts 115. Location: Sarnia CANADA

3 MW Fairbanks Morse Generators(3) 3 MW Fairbanks Morse Dual Fuel Generators

(3) 3MW Diesel and or Natural Gas Generators (Dual Fuel), 4,200hp 900rpm Fairbanks Morse Engines with 3,000KW Magnetek Louis Allis Generator, 3,750 KVA, 900rpm. Location: Ventura, California USA

30mil Pit Liner, (9) 150ft x 225ft30mil Pit Liners Rough Terrain Hydraulic Jumbo Drill Rough Terrain Hydraulic Drill 30 Ton Chiller for Underground30 Ton Chiller



125 JCI Underground Loader 125 JCI UG Loader  
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